And the prize for Stupidest Tweet of the Week goes to…

“Trying to watch #theofficeuk looks like a bad remake. Camera quality is horrible” by @SoCALala

For any Americans who stumble upon this blog allow me to clear some stuff up for you. When a show celebrates it’s 10th anniversary it usually means the show has been around for 10 years. The US Office began in 2005, do you see where I’m going with this? The camera quality in The Office is ‘horrible’ for two reasons:

  1. The show was made in 2001 (hence the ten year celebrations) so by todays standards, with the surge in technological innovation and the rolling out of HD, even shows made as recently as 2001 can look pretty outdated.
  2. It was made to imitate the aesthetic qualities of a 90s British docusoap. Everything about the show was deliberately orchestrated and it basically invented the mockumentary as a genre in its own right. It is televisual genius.

I do genuinely hope the person tweeting this was joking, but I felt a necessity to clear up any misunderstanding surrounding the greatest television show ever made, just in case.


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