Breaking News: Gervais CONFIRMED as 2012 Golden Globes Host

Third time lucky?

In the last hour or so it has been confirmed that Ricky Gervais will host the Golden Globes for a third consecutive year – – and I for one am pretty darn excited. Obviously the threats of broadcasting a simultaneous live commentary online prompted the HFPA to get him back so at least they maintain an element of control. Also, this proves that despite some reservations and claims that he was close to the mark last year, he didn’t offend Hollywood. There were rumours flying around last year that he had been fired mid-show, and if he is going to better himself he may actually have to make that happen this time round.

The only thing that mildly disappoints me about this is the U-turn on his promise that he would not return, and I’m sure the critics will have an absolute field day with that and say he’s fame-hungry, cash-hungry, publicity-hungry, and anything else-hungry, but if you were offered stupid amounts of cash to insult the richest and most famous celebrities on the planet in front of hundreds of millions of people, would you say no?

 I’m sure my reaction to this news could be easily predicted so please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment and enjoy the highlights of last year… (having trouble uploading videos into posts because WordPress are making pointless changes, unlike Life’s Too Short where they stick to a winning formula, so shove that up your critical miseryhole Mr. Unnamed Mirror TV Critic).


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