An Idiot At Number 1 This Christmas (and for once we don’t mean The X Factor winner)

In 2009 it was Rage Against the Machine.

In 2010 it was Surfin’ Bird.

But 2011 promises to be the biggest, bestest, most rounded-headiest campaign of them all. This is the year Karl Pilkington finally claims his rightful place at the top of the UK singles chart. Battling it out against the X Factor winner’s original song, penned by some old bloke from an ageing boy band is Ain’t No Pleasin’ Ricky by Karl featuring the legendary Chas and Dave. Join the cause by liking the official Facebook page and help get a worthy song to number 1 this Christmas. In order to make millions of dreams come true, most notably Ricky Gervais’ who I’m sure will be rooting for it, you must download the track no earlier than December 18th. Only during this time will it count towards the Christmas chart.

I rarely promote things like this so passionately but this is so worth supporting, and they are encouraging donations to The Prostate Cancer Charity, so even you don’t want to jump on the bandwagon please at least give generously and save some penises. Here’s the song below:


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