Tracking Down Emma: Part 1

In the build up to the Tracking Down Ricky Christmas Special which I am releasing via YouTube on Christmas Eve, here is the first of two parts about my day in Stratford-Upon-Avon tracking down Emma Manton for my first signature.

I left Norwich at around 8am and headed west with my Mum as we started our 300 mile detour on the way home for Christmas. It was pretty easy going and we arrived midday. The first thing we saw on entering the city centre was William SHakespeare’s birthplace.

Shakey Woz Ere

If you didn’t know this is where he’s from and every other building is named after him or something he made, but it’s a lovely city and reminded me of York. For those of you who don’t know me I lived in York for three years and being here made me miss it a great deal. There were so many odd little shops to explore tucked away down little alleys. We went to Starbucks.

After a little wander around town we came across a sign for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre where I was due to meet Emma Manton and went asking for her at the information desk. I told them who I was meeting but I sounds like a bit of a wierdo. Nonetheless they pointed me in the direction of the stage door and left my details with the receptionist for Emma to give me a call back. I had no idea if today would bring a result as the last few emails I sent were unanswered, which meant either everything was fine or I was about to walk straight into a restraining order and the end of Tracking Down Ricky.

As we waited for an answer we had a stroll around the little park and waterfront area where the theatre was situated. It was lovely, except for the pigeons who I think were trying to intimidate me. Little dollops of poo were falling all around me as I took this picture of the river. It’s now 2pm and we decide to head back the way we came and explore a few little shops like HMV with our fingers firmly crossed…

A River

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