Tracking Down Ewen

Trafalgar Square and the National Portrait Gallery

Luckily I knew this trip to London would not be wasted because a couple of days ago I confirmed to meet up with Ewen MacIntosh (Keith), so I had a little wander round Trafalgar Square. I know technically I can’t go round a square but stop being pedantic and enjoy the blog.  When I google mapped the pub it came up with some information and some pretty big celebrities had been spotted there. I think because it’s kind of part of a theatre. I was really hoping an A-lister would be pottering about inside so I could ask them to take a picture of me and Ewen. That would have amused me, but they were all regular normal people. In the end I didn’t get a picture because we were in the middle of a busy pub and it just felt a bit awkward, but below is a photo of the signatures so you will just have to trust me.

This brings me to a total of three signatures in about two and a half months which keeps me on track. In total I have a year to get twelve, so you do the maths. Following this I thought, considering how much I have spent getting to London, it’d be silly to come to Trafalgar Square and not go into the National Portrait Gallery. Admission is free but they have little donation boxes all over the place. I wouldn’t mind putting some money in if they didn’t also advise a £5 donation. There’s no need for that, I’ll give what I can and you’ll be bloody grateful for it. I donated £1 for a map in the end. They had a great exhibition of comedian portraits, inlcuding one of Ricky Gervais. Very enjoyable. The rest of the day was pretty standard, besides getting almost blown over by the wind on my way back through Norwich. Great day for Tracking Down Ricky, and thanks for all your comments!

Mackenzie Crook (top left), Emma Manton (top right), and Ewen MacIntosh (bottom)


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