Week Twenty

Hello everyone. Really sorry for being practically non-existent on here for a month, but like I said before I am no crazy autograph hunter and what with being a full-time student, and now having a part-time job to fit in, I have other stuff to prioritise. However, I still have one eye on this and I have been meaning to update for a while, so here’s a quick post just to assure you all that I am not dead.

I was meaning to meet up with Jane Lucas (Sheila) last month during my study weeks and get another signature, but my new job started just before and it ruled out my weekends indefinitely, so that had to be cancelled. Rubbish. I have also emailed Martin Freeman’s agent but obviously they ignored me. Might try again when I’m bored, and I also need to find Lucy Davis’ agent. I’ll get there. Eventually.

Apologies again, and I’ll try not to leave it another month before I post again.


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