Ricky Gervais on Family Guy

Here’s a link to Unofficial Gervais, with a video showing Ricky’s appearance in the latest episode of Family Guy. It aired in the states recently but we may have to wait a little while for it over here in the UK. What do you think? Can’t say it’s the funniest thing he’s done, but certainly worth a watch, and who can blame him for wanting to be on Family Guy. But if I was him I think I would rather do a cameo, that could have been much funnier, in my opinion, which doesn’t mean a lot to anyone, but there you go. See you later.



Golden Globes Review

I think I should probably cap off all these Golden Globes posts by adding this. Consider it a little footnote. I contribute occasionally to a blog called Containing Multitudes, which is written by the American Studies department at the University of East Anglia, and they put my little review of the Golden Globes up there so give it a little read and check out the other posts too. What were your thoughts on the Globes? And what were your thoughts on Ricky? If you still haven’t seen it I have been kind enough to include a video of all his bits, courtesy of someone else via YouTube.

Week Thirteen

Week Twelve

Golden Globes Preview: Ricky Gervais Interview

So here’s an interview by Matt Lauer for MSNBC. I can’t find the video on YouTube to embed, but here’s the link so click, read, watch, and enjoy. It’s a lovely open, laid back interview, moreso than I’ve seen for a while and Lauer actually seems to get what Ricky is about. Makes for a great video – http://todayentertainment.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/01/05/9982244-ricky-gervais-tells-matt-lauer-no-restrictions-at-golden-globes

What are your thoughts on the Globes this year? Do you reckon Ricky will improve on last year, or will the third year take it one step too far? Is it possible for Ricky to go too far? Let me know, not that I can pass them on or anything, but it will give me a pleasant read. And if anyone knows how to watch the show from the UK please get in touch. Cheers.

CONFIRMED: Ricky Gervais series 2 of LTS and Idiot Abroad Special

A delayed week ten will be posted later this week when I return to Norwich, but until then give this article a read. According to unofficialgervais.com a second series of Life’s Too Short has been confirmed as well as An Idiot Abroad special called The Short Way Round. Ricky has been dropping vague details about it on his blog and it sounds like Karl and Warwick Davis will cycle around Britain being funny.

Not much info available right now but I will keep you as updated as possible, but you are probably better off checking Ricky’s blog and Unofficial Gervais, which are both listed in the BlogrollĀ just on the right (near the bottom, just after the Twitter feed with a handy little button to follow me. Just sayin’).

Hope you all had a good Christmas. Do let me know if Santa brought you any Ricky-related goodies.

The Christmas Special