Ricky on Letterman. Again.

A lovely YouTube user has uploaded last night’s interview with David Letterman for us all to see and enjoy. It’s embedded below. They chat about Karl, The Office, and other such nonsense. Nothing else to say really.

Week Twenty Five

Hello everyone, it’s me again. Still nothing to report. I promise I will start getting back on track after these darn essays are in. On my to do list is contacting Jane Lucas and rearranging a time for us to meet. We were in touch a while back but a new job meant I just didn’t have the time to get to her when we initially planned. I also need to start ticking off a few others, particularly the London based ones. This Summer is going to be pretty busy.

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying all the Derek ads/reviews/interviews, especially this one. Do you remember the whole mong fiasco on Twitter last year? Well the campaigner who spoke to Gervais, Nicky Clark, has reviewed the show and posted another interview with Ricky. It’s a bit long but worth the read. Enjoy.

Globes Countdown: Ricky Does Ellen & Conan

So here’s a couple of videos Ricky posted to his blog, and as normal I am sponging hits by putting them on here. Personally I think I make it a little easier for you as the interviews are embedded on this page, unlike Ricky who can’t be bothered to help out the fans and put a little link. It doesn’t even open in a different tab, it just takes you straight off his blog. Careless. I’m teaching him a lesson if anything. Anyway, enjoy…

Golden Globes Preview: Ricky Gervais Interview

So here’s an interview by Matt Lauer for MSNBC. I can’t find the video on YouTube to embed, but here’s the link so click, read, watch, and enjoy. It’s a lovely open, laid back interview, moreso than I’ve seen for a while and Lauer actually seems to get what Ricky is about. Makes for a great video – http://todayentertainment.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/01/05/9982244-ricky-gervais-tells-matt-lauer-no-restrictions-at-golden-globes

What are your thoughts on the Globes this year? Do you reckon Ricky will improve on last year, or will the third year take it one step too far? Is it possible for Ricky to go too far? Let me know, not that I can pass them on or anything, but it will give me a pleasant read. And if anyone knows how to watch the show from the UK please get in touch. Cheers.

Karl Talks Twitter

So following the BBC interview, Ricky and Karl were asked for their thoughts on Twitter and Facebook and here’s the video. It’s only three minutes so give it a watch. Ricky posted the link on Twitter so if you’re one of his 950,000 followers you have probably already seen or ignored this. If you’re not then it is definitely your lucky day.

Ricky and Karl on BBC Breakfast

There have been a few people who found this site today while searching for this interview, so I thought I would do everyone a favour and put it on here for you. This is Ricky and Karl Pilkington on BBC Breakfast this morning promoting An Idiot Abroad 2 which is out on DVD right now, and thanks to the person who uploaded this almost immediately. Gotta love YouTube.