Derek: Teaser Clips

Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington in Derek

So if you didn’t already know, Derek is airing on Channel 4, Thursday April 12th. WATCH IT. Ricky has just posted more info on his blog, including a couple of teasers which you can watch below. Enjoy. And did I mention it’s on Channel 4 on April 12th? And it’s got Karl Pilkington. And it’s probably going to be amazing.

Derek: April 12th, Channel 4

Ricky and Karl in Derek

So this is just a quick update about Ricky’s new show Derek. I’ve had quite a few views on a previous post I typed way back when he first announced the show, so here’s something newer, shorter, and informationyer. He updated his blog a bit earlier to confirm that the pilot will be going out on Channel 4, April 12th. It sounds like it’s a one-off at the moment, so I guess if the ratings/reviews are good it’ll get a full series, so make sure you tune in and support it.

Derek appears to be going in a different direction from Gervais’ previous shows, looking like a comedy drama with much more emphasis on the drama. It’s a fake documentary following the title character, played by Ricky, who lives in a care home. Could be wrong, I don’t know the specifics and I’m too lazy to look it up. I’m very busy and important these days, and Glee is waiting to be watched on Sky Go. It also apparently features Sean Connery, or at least that’s what he was saying ages ago but there’s been no mention of him recently that I’ve seen, and Karl Pilkington takes on his first dramatic role as a dim northerner. Not a massive push but still interested to see how he gets on.

More info and ads etc when we see them…

Derek – Production Photo

So Ricky posted this on Twitter yesterday, but otherwise we are being kept pretty in the dark about the new show, by his standards anyway. All we do know is it’s a comedy-drama for Channel 4 about a middle-aged bloke in a home based on a character he created over a decade ago, and Karl Pilkington has a proper acting role in it. Thoughts? Maybe we should get a massive sweepstake on the go – how many complaints will Ofcom get?

Ricky Gervais in Derek

CONFIRMED: Ricky Gervais series 2 of LTS and Idiot Abroad Special

A delayed week ten will be posted later this week when I return to Norwich, but until then give this article a read. According to a second series of Life’s Too Short has been confirmed as well as An Idiot Abroad special called The Short Way Round. Ricky has been dropping vague details about it on his blog and it sounds like Karl and Warwick Davis will cycle around Britain being funny.

Not much info available right now but I will keep you as updated as possible, but you are probably better off checking Ricky’s blog and Unofficial Gervais, which are both listed in the Blogroll just on the right (near the bottom, just after the Twitter feed with a handy little button to follow me. Just sayin’).

Hope you all had a good Christmas. Do let me know if Santa brought you any Ricky-related goodies.

Karl Talks Twitter

So following the BBC interview, Ricky and Karl were asked for their thoughts on Twitter and Facebook and here’s the video. It’s only three minutes so give it a watch. Ricky posted the link on Twitter so if you’re one of his 950,000 followers you have probably already seen or ignored this. If you’re not then it is definitely your lucky day.

Ricky and Karl on BBC Breakfast

There have been a few people who found this site today while searching for this interview, so I thought I would do everyone a favour and put it on here for you. This is Ricky and Karl Pilkington on BBC Breakfast this morning promoting An Idiot Abroad 2 which is out on DVD right now, and thanks to the person who uploaded this almost immediately. Gotta love YouTube.

Xmas Number 1 Update

So according to the Facebook page, Karl’s agent has confirmed they are definitely NOT releasing the song this year which is rubbish. I was hoping this and The Wombles would be the top two this year, but their is still an online petition which you can sign so please head on over to the site by clicking the image on the right and keep sending your support. It’s not over until the 18th, but unfortunately it’s not looking good right now.

If you have wandered on to this blog by mistake looking for something more official do put your comments below and I’ll pass them on to the lovely people organising this campaign. In the meantime get listening to the song and tell everyone else…