Derek Review

So I typed a little review of Derek. It’s short and not the most professional thing you’ll ever read, but I had it done within the hour. Took a couple of days to upload to the site. Honest. Anyhoo, I’m not posting it here because that might be a little unfair to the magazine, so here is the link. Please click, read, comment, and share at will…

Week Twenty Five

Hello everyone, it’s me again. Still nothing to report. I promise I will start getting back on track after these darn essays are in. On my to do list is contacting Jane Lucas and rearranging a time for us to meet. We were in touch a while back but a new job meant I just didn’t have the time to get to her when we initially planned. I also need to start ticking off a few others, particularly the London based ones. This Summer is going to be pretty busy.

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying all the Derek ads/reviews/interviews, especially this one. Do you remember the whole mong fiasco on Twitter last year? Well the campaigner who spoke to Gervais, Nicky Clark, has reviewed the show and posted another interview with Ricky. It’s a bit long but worth the read. Enjoy.

Derek: Teaser Clips

Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington in Derek

So if you didn’t already know, Derek is airing on Channel 4, Thursday April 12th. WATCH IT. Ricky has just posted more info on his blog, including a couple of teasers which you can watch below. Enjoy. And did I mention it’s on Channel 4 on April 12th? And it’s got Karl Pilkington. And it’s probably going to be amazing.

Derek: April 12th, Channel 4

Ricky and Karl in Derek

So this is just a quick update about Ricky’s new show Derek. I’ve had quite a few views on a previous post I typed way back when he first announced the show, so here’s something newer, shorter, and informationyer. He updated his blog a bit earlier to confirm that the pilot will be going out on Channel 4, April 12th. It sounds like it’s a one-off at the moment, so I guess if the ratings/reviews are good it’ll get a full series, so make sure you tune in and support it.

Derek appears to be going in a different direction from Gervais’ previous shows, looking like a comedy drama with much more emphasis on the drama. It’s a fake documentary following the title character, played by Ricky, who lives in a care home. Could be wrong, I don’t know the specifics and I’m too lazy to look it up. I’m very busy and important these days, and Glee is waiting to be watched on Sky Go. It also apparently features Sean Connery, or at least that’s what he was saying ages ago but there’s been no mention of him recently that I’ve seen, and Karl Pilkington takes on his first dramatic role as a dim northerner. Not a massive push but still interested to see how he gets on.

More info and ads etc when we see them…

Week Twenty

Hello everyone. Really sorry for being practically non-existent on here for a month, but like I said before I am no crazy autograph hunter and what with being a full-time student, and now having a part-time job to fit in, I have other stuff to prioritise. However, I still have one eye on this and I have been meaning to update for a while, so here’s a quick post just to assure you all that I am not dead.

I was meaning to meet up with Jane Lucas (Sheila) last month during my study weeks and get another signature, but my new job started just before and it ruled out my weekends indefinitely, so that had to be cancelled. Rubbish. I have also emailed Martin Freeman’s agent but obviously they ignored me. Might try again when I’m bored, and I also need to find Lucy Davis’ agent. I’ll get there. Eventually.

Apologies again, and I’ll try not to leave it another month before I post again.

Globes Countdown: Ricky Does Ellen & Conan

So here’s a couple of videos Ricky posted to his blog, and as normal I am sponging hits by putting them on here. Personally I think I make it a little easier for you as the interviews are embedded on this page, unlike Ricky who can’t be bothered to help out the fans and put a little link. It doesn’t even open in a different tab, it just takes you straight off his blog. Careless. I’m teaching him a lesson if anything. Anyway, enjoy…

Derek – Production Photo

So Ricky posted this on Twitter yesterday, but otherwise we are being kept pretty in the dark about the new show, by his standards anyway. All we do know is it’s a comedy-drama for Channel 4 about a middle-aged bloke in a home based on a character he created over a decade ago, and Karl Pilkington has a proper acting role in it. Thoughts? Maybe we should get a massive sweepstake on the go – how many complaints will Ofcom get?

Ricky Gervais in Derek