Derek Review

So I typed a little review of Derek. It’s short and not the most professional thing you’ll ever read, but I had it done within the hour. Took a couple of days to upload to the site. Honest. Anyhoo, I’m not posting it here because that might be a little unfair to the magazine, so here is the link. Please click, read, comment, and share at will…


Golden Globes Review

I think I should probably cap off all these Golden Globes posts by adding this. Consider it a little footnote. I contribute occasionally to a blog called Containing Multitudes, which is written by the American Studies department at the University of East Anglia, and they put my little review of the Golden Globes up there so give it a little read and check out the other posts too. What were your thoughts on the Globes? And what were your thoughts on Ricky? If you still haven’t seen it I have been kind enough to include a video of all his bits, courtesy of someone else via YouTube.